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I’m Emma and I focus on providing my clients with great content directed at the right audiences and connect through real engagement.

Do you find yourself struggling with your channels? Perhaps there aren’t enough hours in the day to get it all done? You don’t really understand how the different platforms work? Or maybe you feel like all your hard work is getting your business nowhere?

You can hand all these problems over to me. I will work with you and your team to identify issues and together find a solution. This might be through training, creating a strategy for effective posting, developing a really engaging advertising campaign or outsourcing management to me and my team. I’m based in London, but experienced at working remotely with businesses across the UK and abroad.

After many years as a food journalist, where I worked as Food Editor of BBC Good Food magazine and freelance, I retrained in social media. After gaining an advanced diploma on a six-month course, I went on to specialise further in Facebook and Instagram advertising. I set up my business in 2019 and work with clients from a broad range of sectors including Food and Drink, Events, Healthcare and Lifestyle.

Drop me an email outlining your issues and I will book an exploratory call with you to see how we can work together. Get started now. Send me an email HERE    

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Audits ◾️ Training ◾️ Strategy Planning ◾️ Content Management ◾️ Advertising

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Audits and Training

Expert Guidance

Do you want to improve your social media presence but just don't know where to start? Why not get an audit of your existing channels - we will offer a full breakdown of strengths and weaknesses and provide some effective suggestions for improvement. Or maybe you want help with a specific problem - how to use hashtags, why your advertising isn't working or training for team members. We can work with your business online or in-person in the London area. See our recommendations from Brackley Medical Centre. 

Strategy and Management

The Path to Success

Do you find it hard to get time to post on social media? Do you wonder what to publish and feel overwhelmed with content? We offer Strategy consultation, working with your business to create a winning strategy you can use to create really impactful content across all your channels. Or do you want to free up time and focus your efforts elsewhere? We will manage your social media for you. This involves finding, designing and creating content, scheduling it, engaging with other relevant accounts and influencers and dealing with customer feedback on platforms. See our feedback from Kingston Christmas Market who were happy to hand over their channel to an experienced business.

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A Comprehensive Approach

It's often said now that on social 'you need to pay to play'.  Organic content still works well, but it's even better when backed up with advertising. We are trained in Facebook and Instagram advertising and can manage a full campaign for you - creating the adverts, drilling down to find the most effective audience to target and then monitoring the results and providing feedback to you. We can help with pixel installation and business manager set-up to get you started. See our recommendations from Noodoll (e-commerce site) One Earth Blends (an organic smoothie company) and Kingston Christmas Market (events) for more information.

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Jack Botting, Senior Operations Manager,

Kingston Christmas Market

Emma was exactly what we needed to allow the existing team to focus on the operation which in turn lead to better content. Emma came on board 3 months before we went live to create a strategy based on our goals. She then lead the implementation of this strategy on Facebook and Instagram, created and managed events, ran competitions and an advertising campaign building interest in the market and encouraging footfall. She also created content including stories using both material that we provided to her and that she had captured herself, provided customer responses and worked with other stakeholders. 


London, UK


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